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iROOMit is the innovative platform that connects renters with local hosts who offer personalized and authentic experiences. iROOMit is more than just a booking service, it is a community of passionate people who love to share their culture, lifestyle, and stories with others. Whether you are looking for a cozy room, a unique adventure, or a meaningful connection, iROOMit can help you find it. With iROOMit, you can discover new places, learn new skills, and make new friends. Join iROOMit today and explore the world in a different way.

User Testimonials

iROOMit has a solid track record that goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. Our product has already been established and proven to be a successful business within the short- & long-term rental space.

  • Great app. It did everything I needed it to do. I listed my room and found a wonderful roommate. Would 10/10 recommend this app!

    β€” atlismum22, iOS App User, Canada
  • Super fun and exciting

    β€” James Woods, Google Play App User, USA
  • Very good app to use

    β€” Mark Kalenevitch, Google Play App User, USA

Hard Data

We know the importance of numbers! Here you can find the documents that will help you make an educated decision. From the extensive pitch deck to the full offering circular - you will find detailed information about the business, team and product.

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All investors who buy iROOMit shares today will receive a Stake in the Company, Exclusive Rewards and up to 30% VIP Discount.

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Investment $2,500 - $9,999:

  • 30% VIP Discount
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Investment $10,000+:

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  • Lifetime Credit Report
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Up to 30% VIP discount

iROOMit Umbrella

This is a quick peek into the current and future projects that our team is working on tirelessly. By becoming an investor, you are not only supporting iROOMit, but also backing the ambitious venture of Flexible Living for short- and long-term rentals, the revolutionary EquaSplit platform, and the thriving roommate/co-living lifestyle.

Flexible Short- & Long-Term Room Rentals

Co-Living & Roommate-Living Lifestyle

With our extensive background in room rentals and the roommate/co-living lifestyle, we believe it's time to take our efforts to the next level! We are reaching out globally to introduce an innovative and cost-effective rental platform. Flexible short- and long-term rentals represent our response to the traditional norms of the rental industry.

Target Locations

We've Got Traction

Our numbers and users are constantly organically growing. Our core idea of bringing the entire process of co-living and renting online can be illustrated by the number of monthly active users as well as the number of listings processed.

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