What differentiates iROOMit Roommate Finder App from other roommate apps on the market?

We are the only technology in the marketplace where you can use the app to list, edit, communicate in real-time with live chat/video, pay your rent, schedule your move, buy your home insurance, connect directly with no third-party between the roommate and landlord, or between roommates.

We are the only app on the marketplace to let you do a lifestyle quiz! This helps you find a roommate that matches your lifestyle and what is most important in your compatibility to have a joyful and happy co-living.

iROOMit Roommate App is all-in-one. You can use it on the go, from anywhere, at any place!

What areas do you service?

iROOMit Roommate Finder can help you find a roommate anywhere in Canada or USA! Here are some of our most popular cities for convenience:

How can I find a roommate or a room near me?

Check out these quick links to find a roommate or a room near you:

Is iROOMit safe to use?

Yes, iROOMit is very safe! We have state-of-the-art verification technology and encryption. At iROOMit, we have zero tolerance for scammers, abuse, or discrimination.

Does iROOMit accept paying rent online?

Absolutely! Our partnership with Stripe, Google or Apple gives you the full convenience to pay your rent from your own comfortable place without running around to the ATM machine, writing a check or etransfer. This way you can focus on what's important.

Why should I get verified?

Great question! Getting verified is safe and trustworthy, so when the landlord or the person who is looking for the place looks for a roommate, they are more excited and open to discuss the rental agreement further with you. It will give you a jump-start to being the perfect candidate.

Most of all, it makes it safe for both parties. Safety is our top priority at iROOMit, to make your experience safe, stress-free, and at ease.

Are profiles free to make?

Yes, making a profile is free! However, we recommend you get verified. This way, you can enhance your chance to get a roommate or have your room rented faster. People will be more trusting of your listing.

Do you share my personal information?

No, we do not share your personal information. It is all stored in our own secure, encrypted database. Our policy is to keep personal information as safe and secure as possible. We believe in the privacy of personal information.

Can I cancel my subscription or account?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription or profile any time you wish. If you have any challenges in doing so, please Contact Us.

How many listings or profiles can I create?

When it comes to our guest profile, it is one per guest. However, if you are posting a listing you can create multiple profiles.

How long does it take for my verification?

Normally, verification happens within 24 hours. In some cases, it will even be instant!

How convenient is it to book a video tour?

As simple as drinking a glass of water! Simply pick the date, time, and place, and send an invitation.

Is iROOMit's connection real-time?

Yes, it is. We have state-of-the-art technology to connect in real-time between the roommate, landlord, or person who holds the place or sublet. It is secure, simple and convenient.

Why should I use Live Stream?

Live Stream gives you a jump start in attracting the perfect roommate you are looking for. It creates a greater community around your listing so you'll be able to comb through and meet your perfect match.