Meltsinmymouth Needs a House

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Meltsinmymouth's Needs

  • $200/mo max
  • Needed by November 28

About Meltsinmymouth

  • Bisexual Male
  • Other occupation
  • No kids
  • Smoker (only outside)
  • No pets
  • Languages: English

My Ideal Place

Lease Terms

  • Month to month

Room Details

  • Furnished
  • Shared Bedroom Okay
  • Shared Bathroom Okay

Meltsinmymouth's Perfect Match

  • Bisexual Female, Bisexual Male, Bisexual Non-binary, Bisexual Other gender, Female, Gay Female, Gay Male, Gay Non-binary, Gay Other gender, Male, Non-binary, Other gender, Other gender and orientation, Other orientation Female, Other orientation Male, Straight Female, Straight Male, Straight Non-binary, Straight Other gender
  • Okay with caged pet(s), cat(s), dog(s)
  • Kids are okay
  • Smoking is okay

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Will trade chores or any kind of physical thing I. Am do for rent and can be as sexy as your ro fantasy as anyone indoor work outdoor work errands even in the bedroom companion stuff or even to help you explore your deepest or hottest fantasy

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