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25 Years Old

Chris's Offering

  • $1/mo
  • Available November 28

Chris's House

(Please READ the FULL description posted below!) FREE Rent in exchange for (evening) disabled help (Overland Park) It sounds too good to be true … but it’s real! No rent in exchange for short bits of legitimate help around the house, mostly evenings. It’s hard to believe so it takes a while to find good roommates, but it’s the real deal! You can talk with former roommates to confirm. I put $1 as the price because iROOMit would not let me put $0 as an option. It’s a great living opportunity in Overland Park (Kansas City Suburb) in a nice, very clean, good-sized home with a new big deck and newly renovated bathroom you would share with one or two others (not at the same time) just south of Oak Park Mall). But you must be responsible, clean, honest, drama-free, and a non-smoker. No exceptions. ABOUT THE LIVING ARRANGEMENT: There are normally three (3) of us roommates to help Fritz. Several years ago, Fritz broke his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down but he is not a victim and definitely not a woe-is-me kind of guy. And he’s very healthy (and durable). He went on to law school in his wheelchair and currently is very busy with his career as a lawyer and has a home office. He’s got a more active life (work and social) than most able-bodied people I know. He’s very happy and energetic. In exchange for no rent and only a share of the monthly utility payments, we roommates have our own rooms, help Fritz with simple cooking/eating dinner (and lunch when his legal assistant is not in, weekends and holidays), help getting into bed at night, and other occasional home maintenance tasks. All nursing-type help is performed by nurses who come in early every morning (they handle bathing, dressing, etc.). Ideally we have two or three roommates in the house, which results in each roommate being “on” every other or every third day. Currently, there are 2 roommates living here, as one has already moved out at the end of October, so we’re looking to replace him. For the “on” days, roommates are expected to be available for dinner (typically around 6p) if Fritz is not out to dinner with friends (which is fairly often), and as to assist with just getting Fritz in bed around 10p or 11p. NO ONE is expected to hang around all the time, even on their “on” days, but at least one roommate needs to be in the house through the night. We trade responsibilities a lot. Other than times Fritz needs help with dinner (he eats out a lot) or lunch on weekends and getting in bed at night, everyone comes and goes when they want (and can have guests). It works best if everyone just helps Fritz whenever needed (which is not very often) if they are around the house, without worrying about whose day it is. Responsibility and Communication in an arrangement like this are critical, and we do a good job of making sure the rotation stays on schedule and there aren’t any big misses, so, like I said, we trade days often to accommodate for each other’s schedules. ABOUT THE OWNER: Fritz has resided in this house for many years, and has had three roommates (sometimes two) the whole time. He’s good at communicating what’s needed and expects the roommates to live up to their end of the deal because it’s a helluva bargain! He lives a life very similar to you and me. He regularly spends time with family/friends, goes out to eat, travels, and sneaks in a good game of poker now and then. On nights when he goes to dinner with friends or family we don’t need to help him with dinner. ABOUT THE HOME: The home is located in a really nice neighborhood, and the house has plenty of space for everyone to move around without feeling crowded. We’ve got great, high-speed wifi, an awesome large deck, washer/dryer, two living areas, and a complete kitchen. Each roommate has his own private bedroom, and the roommates share a (very clean) newly remodeled large bathroom. Fritz has his own bathroom. ABOUT THE CANDIDATE WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Above all else, he is reliable, honest, and open-minded. For obvious reasons, this isn’t a good arrangement for a person with a drama filled-life or kids. Responsible assistance is valuable to Fritz so the trade-off works well. We’re all about consistency, positivity, and predictability here, so negative attitudes are not welcome. You need to be a non-smoker and have your own form of transportation, income to help pay for utilities, and a cell phone. We do a run a background check (that costs $50) just to make sure we don’t disrupt the flow of our living situation and everyone can feel confident. We ask for a one year commitment but most guys have stayed for several (and some saved up a ton of money). You ideally go to work or school during the day, but evening commitments can be accommodated if your schedule is consistent and you can maintain an every other day, every third day, or one week rotation. The housemates work with each other to cover vacations/illness/etc, but overall, we stick to a set schedule with few changes. Sorry, but no pets or plus-ones (and we’re firm about those) Guests are welcome. If you choose, you can view this as a bit of a part-time job, but you’ll be happier and get more from the experience if you come in with an open-mind and consider the many personal gains to being here. From a financial standpoint, it’s an awesome opportunity to pay off student loans, start a business, or save money for a home. If you think you’d be a good fit, please reply with a message that tells us a bit about your current situation, and why we should consider adding you to the team. Ask the people that live here and they will tell you it’s been a good experience. I am keeping the house address undisclosed at the request of Fritz, the owner of the house, until we have a scheduled time setup for someone to come out and see the place themselves. If you choose to reach out for interest, I will provide you the appropriate contact information to move forward. Please feel free to message me, my number is (217) 361-4249

About Chris

  • Student
  • No kids
  • Non-smoker
  • No pets
  • Languages: English

My Place

Lease Terms

  • 12 month

Room Details

  • Furnished
  • Private Bedroom
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Carpet
  • Closet
  • Private Entrance

Place Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony/Patio
  • Dishwasher
  • Fireplace
  • Garage
  • In-Unit Laundry
  • Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • College/University
  • Dining
  • Dog Park
  • Downtown
  • Freeway Access
  • Parks/Recreation
  • Public Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Suburb

Included Utilities

  • Cooling
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Trash Pickup
  • Water

Chris's Perfect Match

  • Any gender and orientation
  • Between ages 21-50
  • No pets
  • No kids
  • Smoking is okay outside

Connect with Chris!

Hi! My name is Chris and I am one of two roommates currently living at the property I described (sorry for the long description)! I am a guy who can get along with anyone from all backgrounds and walks of life. Currently, I am a graduate student at a local University in the Kansas City area. I have been here at this house since last Summer (’21) and it was the best decision I have ever made for living (Kansas City apartment rentals are EXPENSIVE)! If you would like, we can set up a phone or video call to get acquainted if you are interested in this opportunity!

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