Fara Has an Apartment

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Fara's Offering

  • $1,999/mo
  • Available January 7

About Fara

  • I prefer not to say
  • Non-smoker
  • No pets
  • Languages: English

My Place

Lease Terms

  • Month to month

Room Details

  • Private Bedroom
  • Shared Bathroom

Place Features

  • Laundry Facility


  • Parks/Recreation
  • Shopping

Included Utilities

  • Internet/Wifi

Fara's Perfect Match

  • Any gender and orientation
  • No pets
  • Kids are okay
  • Non-smoker

Connect with Fara!

This is a private bedroom and bathroom share with one person in an Apartment that is located in the best area in Los angeles. The location is one mile from UCLA and two mile from Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills. I live in this apartment and everything is separate from the guests except the bathroom. We may rarely see each other. There is a camera at the entrance door of the apartment and it is the only camera in this apartment. There is also a camera in the garage and the entrance door of the building. There are a mini fridge, a TV, a hot kettle, some single-use dishes, desk, drawer, extra blanket, towel and hangers. Also, there are no kitchen, no guests, no pets, and no smoke.

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Where Fara is located:

Private Bedroom in Beverly Hills * Females Only*