Rizma Needs a House

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Rizma's Needs

  • $1,000/mo max
  • Needed by February 1

About Rizma

  • Female (orientation not shared)
  • Student
  • No kids
  • Non-smoker
  • No pets
  • Languages: English

My Ideal Place

Lease Terms

  • 12 month

Room Details

  • Furnished
  • Private Bedroom
  • Private Bathroom

Rizma's Perfect Match

  • Female
  • No pets
  • No kids
  • Non-smoker

Connect with Rizma!

Quiet person who needs a private room and no smoking no pets. I’m a student mostly stay at home who doesn’t like any trouble like to keep to myself. So I would be a great roommate

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Where Rizma is looking:

Rizma Zaina


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