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32 Years Old

Kait's Offering

  • $1,850/mo
  • $1,500 deposit fee
  • Available April 1

Kait's Apartment

Hi there! I’m looking for one person to take over two rooms in a 3 story walk up Bushwick apartment. If you are looking for extra space for a home office, creative work space, storage, walk in closet…this could be for you! Both rooms are stacked on top of each other, have 2 feet deep closets, and can fit queen size beds. The two available rooms are pictured above. One currently is being used as a living room, the other as an office. I have included an unfurnished picture of the rooms as the layout might be a bit difficult to envision. The apartment is located between the M and L lines. The M is about a 4-5 minute walk away and the L is about a 6-10 minute walk. There is a 24 hour grocery store on the closest corner, a Blink Fitness Gym 30 seconds away, and a bunch of cafes, restaurants, and night life in the area if you enjoy going out! There is no in unit/building laundry, but there are many laundromats around the corner in just about every direction. It is important to me to live with someone who is clean and respectful! This apartment is LGBTQ+ and 420 welcome. The rooms are available April 1st. This is for a 10 month lease with opportunity to renew.

About Kait

  • Female (orientation not shared)
  • Professional
  • No kids
  • Smoker (only outside)
  • Has cat(s)
  • Languages: English

My Place

Lease Terms

  • 12 month

Room Details

  • Private Bedroom
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Closet
  • Window

Place Features

  • Storage


  • Dining
  • Nightlife
  • Parks/Recreation
  • Public Transportation

Additional Utilities Available ($)

  • Heating
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Water

Kait's Perfect Match

  • Any gender and orientation
  • Between ages 28-40
  • No pets
  • No kids
  • Smoking is okay outside

Connect with Kait!

I currently work as an office assistant for a small independent business in Gowanus. I love movies, music, plants, and reading. I am social, but not a big party animal. I do enjoy having friends over occasionally but would not consider hosting as a thing I do often. I'm a pretty laid back person who is looking to live with a clean and respectful person. I have one very well behaved senior cat named Spike. He is a total sweetheart and will most likely try and cuddle with you! He does not eat house plants or people food, and has an almost silent meow. Please do not apply if living with a cat is a deal breaker for you.

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