Evelyn Has a Townhouse

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Evelyn 's Offering

  • $2,370/mo
  • Available

About Evelyn

  • I prefer not to say
  • Non-smoker
  • No pets
  • Languages: English

My Place

Lease Terms

  • Month to month

Room Details

  • Shared Bedroom
  • Shared Bathroom

Place Features

  • Balcony/Patio
  • Laundry Facility


  • Dining
  • Library
  • Parks/Recreation
  • Shopping

Included Utilities

  • Internet/Wifi

Evelyn 's Perfect Match

  • Any gender and orientation
  • No pets
  • Kids are okay
  • Smoking is okay

Connect with Evelyn !

Large family home in the subur, we have a 4 bed room. All four of our children graduated form high school and college. I am a volunteer for Georgia PTA and my husband is on the Dekalb County School board for the last 8 years. We would love to find out more for about the program. Evelyn Cunninham 4045582754

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Fun loving family love sport