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61 Rooms for Rent in Toronto, ON


Discover Toronto

Find a Roommate or a Room for Rent in Toronto

Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America, only surpassed by NY, LA, Chicago and Mexico City. As such, living in Toronto has a lot to offer. Whether it’s world class universities, thriving business and startup scene, and of course a slew of restaurants. Torontonians also have access to parks all around the city, steps away from cottage country and seven major sports teams. It’s a fantastic place to live, however it comes at a cost. Toronto is Canada’s most expensive city to live in. This means that you should consider finding a roommate or a room for rent to make things a bit more affordable. If you are just moving to Toronto, the perfect roommate can help make for a softer landing as well as lower your living costs. Despite the common notion that finding a roommate is difficult, our roommate finder makes it easy to someone fantastic you’ll love living with.

Renting a Room or Apartment in Toronto

Rents have been fallen in Toronto since the pandemic but seem to on the rise again. Yet it is still a good time to find an affordable rental in Toronto, with the average rent of a two bedroom apartment being $2,300. However, the neighborhood you’ll move into can have a significant impact on the cost of rent. Neighborhoods like the Fashion District, Cabbagetown, Riverdale or Regent town offer an average rent of between $2,350 to $2,700 for a two bedroom apartment. Compared to $1,850 for a one bedroom apartment in these neighborhoods. So by having a roommate, you can still live in the more expensive areas, but save money on rent. For around $1,900 for a two bedroom, you could live in Glen Park, Victoria Park Village, Bendale, Topham Park, or Cliffside. For much lower rents, you can find neighborhoods like Humber Summit, Caribou Park, Steeles or Scarborough Junction. If you don’t want to stress about making rent while still being able and take advantage of everything Toronto offers, having a roommate is a good idea.

How iROOMit Can Help you Find a Roommate

Finding a good roommate or a room for rent may seem difficult. Everyone's wants can be different, so we aim to match you with roommates who share similar lifestyles and preferences. First, you’ll need to tell us a little about yourself. We’ll start with the basics such as budget, move date and preferred areas. Then, we’ll ask about your lifestyle and preferences, such as your schedule, habits and sociability. The more we know about you, the better we can match you with potential roommates. Once signed up, you can explore potential roommates and rooms for rent who we will present to you based on the best fit. You can further filter the roommate and room options based on your preferences to find the perfect person to live with.

Using our Roommate Finder to Start Searching

Our roommate finder makes it easy to find someone you’ll love living with. Once you sign up, review your top roommate prospects and check out their profiles. If you like what you see and read make sure to engage by "liking" them or send them a message to introduce yourself. You’ll be able to chat with them directly on our platform, and schedule to meet in person if they seem as a good fit. It won’t take long before you find the perfect roommate, and you can start making plans to room up.