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Do you need to find a roommate or rent a room with your roommates in Chicago? Well we are going to tell you everything great Chicago has to offer for you to find the perfect house!

Chicago city was engulfed in flames in 1871. The city, built almost entirely of wood, was consumed in one of the most terrible fires in the history of the United States. The citizens rebuilt the city with the idea of making it a benchmark in the country. And they did it.

The "second city", as locals like to call it, is a metropolis that hooks whoever visits it. We were attracted from the moment we stepped on its ground. Chicago has definitely become one of our favorite places of the trip by the United States. Living here as a tenant with your roommate group is simply perfect. Use our roommate finder app to choose a compatible roommate!

Millennium Park and Grant Park

It is known as the "front garden" of Downtown and occupies an immense area between downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan. Reserve a morning or an afternoon to stroll through these two adjoining parks, and visit all its attractions.

Some of them are:

  • Crown Fountain, a rectangular square flanked by two huge towers with LED screens where people's faces appear. Huge jets come out that the kids take advantage of to take a weekly bath.

  • Cloud Gate, although everyone knows it as "The Bean". It is the best known and most photographed sculpture in Chicago and in our opinion, its author, the Indian Anish Kapoor, has embroidered it!

  • Jay Pritzker Concert Hall, where hopefully you can attend a performance. The design and size attract attention. Try our roommate finder to pick a place nearby!

  • Buckingham Fountain, named after the Buckingham family, is considered one of the most beautiful fountains in the country, we will not be the ones who think otherwise. The truly interesting thing about the fountain is the views that you have of the Chicago skyline from here. Find a house in Chicago with a great roommate to enjoy the picturesque city!

  • Agora, a set of 106 statues south of the park. It is a somewhat disconcerting work, it does not take a lynx to see that statues are missing their heads!

Maggie Daley Park

It is a huge urban park, next to the Millenium Park and Lake Michigan, with paths to get lost, fountains, gardens, lakes, miniature golf, a climbing wall for those who like to climb, an ice skating rink (from November to March ), a children's park, picnic areas, etc. If you want you can see here its calendar of events.

Navy Pier

It is the most visited place in Chicago with 9 million annual visits. The renovated Ferris wheel is a hoot! From here the tourist boats that take a tour of the lake leave and there are some restaurants such as the Giordano´s, a Mexican, or the Bubba Gump.

The Chicago Theater

A whole institution in the city. It offers functions since 1921 when it was the most expensive and largest theater in the country. The greatest artists of each moment have passed through here and it has hosted important film festivals.

Chicago Institute of Art

It is considered one of the most famous art museums in the world. If you are an art lover, it is a must-visit. What you find here are lots of rooms with different exhibitions both painting and sculpture, impressionist and post-impressionist style. Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Toulouse-Lautrec with his stellar work " At the Moulin Rouge", Van Gogh with " Bedroom in Arles" and "Self-portrait from 1887" that probably sound familiar to you, Dali, Kandinsky, and "The Old Guitarist” By Picasso.

See Chicago from above

If there is something Chicago has, they are skyscrapers. So it would be strange if some of them were not used to go up and contemplate the best views of the city (of course, for a fee). You can visit the viewpoints of various buildings. Find a house at our roommate finder app and become a tenant in this wonderful city!

Skydeck Chicago (Willis Tower)

In the Willis Tower viewpoint, there are several glass platforms where you can literally go up and have Chicago at your feet. They are free, you will only have to queue a little to wait for your turn. 360 Chicago Observation Deck (Hancock Building). It is a very nice 305-meter high black building. Although it is not as high as the previous one, in terms of views it has nothing to envy. Try to compete against the glass floor of your rival with the Tilt, a platform that tilts up to 30 degrees, leaving you somewhat suspended over the city.

The Field Museum

It is the natural history museum, one of the most important in the world in its field. It appears to have such a large collection that only 4% of all objects are displayed. Although undoubtedly the most famous exhibit is Sue, the largest, most complete, and best-preserved skeleton of the T-Rex in the world. The fossil collection is impressive too (in fact you can see the team of paleontologists working through some crystals, and yes, they are for real). In the rest of the rooms of this immense museum, some exhibitions make a journey through the history of the planet, in different periods and cultures.

The Magnificent Mile

This is the nickname for Michigan Avenue in Chicago is known, which is similar to 5th Avenue in New York or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Here are the stores of the most prestigious brands and many of the tallest buildings in the city.

Adler Planetarium

It is the oldest planetarium in the United States,Today you can visit various exhibitions of objects in astronomical instruments and old books. Also, learn more about what we have about the universe around us with different shows and samples (perhaps a piece of the moon or meteor is not touched every day).

Wabash Arts Corridor

It is a graffiti area in the middle of the Chicago Loop. this project was launched, offering the walls of the South Loop of Downtown Chicago to emerging art students and artists to turn the area into a true open-air museum. You'll be able to enjoy her street art on Wabash Avenue from Van Buren to Roosevelt. Rent a room nearby through our roommate finder and get a hassle-free rental agreement!

Rare Sculptures

As we have seen, Chicago is a city that enhances art and culture for all its neighbors and visitors to enjoy it, various sculptures have been placed around its streets. There is a specific area where three of the most important are concentrated:

The Picasso, would you dare to define it? Some say it is a dog, others that it is a fox ... even that it is a bird.

Miro's Statue, another work by a Spanish artist to which you don't have to look for much explanation.

Transport yourself to Gotham City

For Batman aficionados visit LaSalle Street with Jackson Blvd to see where many Gotham scenes are set.

Chicago Riverwalk

Chicago is one of the most "walkable" cities in the United States. To reinforce this theory is the Riverwalk, a pedestrian walkway that runs along part of the banks of the Chicago River, neither more nor less than downtown itself. Although it is difficult to forget that you are in a big city (the skyscrapers will never disappear), it is quite pleasant to take a walk around here, there are also many areas to sit, restaurants and cafes. Rent a bedroom with a college roommate and enjoy being a tenant in this city!

Take a look at the twin buildings of the Marina Towers, and especially on their first floors: they are the ones destined for parking lots and you will only see the back of the cars, apparently they have professional vans to nail the car in place, to that no clumsy man stays on the gas and flies off.

Tip: don't miss an architectural river cruise, it's the best you can see and do in Chicago.

Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station

The only buildings that remained standing after the great fire in Downtown Chicago were these two, and have become the symbol of the old city and the spirit of recovery. They are two stone buildings that look with their stretched necks at their new and imposing steel and glass neighbors, but which in the past were the ones who broke the corduroy. They date from the 1860s and served as a reservoir and a water pump to distribute to the city. Today they host free art exhibitions.

Chicago Public Libraries

Harold Washington Library Center, in the heart of the Loop, it is difficult not to see it if you walk near it because the mass of red brick is impressive. Go up to the ninth floor to see their "garden", which actually only has about 4 trees, but it is a very cool space.

Chicago Cultural Center, where you can see a striking glass dome. But beware, it is not the only one. Lose yourself a bit in the building to find another much lesser-known room with another huge dome, almost as impressive as the main one. There are some free exhibits that you can visit.

Eat the typical Chicago pizza

Perhaps the star dish of the city. This pizza looks more like a pie or meatloaf, but it is delicious anyway.

Discover Chicago's beaches

If you take a dip in Lake Michigan other than July or August, you will probably end up calling your health insurance with a start of hypothermia. But if you visit Chicago in the summer, why not take the opportunity to cool off? There are several urban beaches along the lake that are enjoyable.

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