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San Francisco occupies the northern tip of a peninsula in Northern California and is nestled between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east. The city covers 46 square miles and is its own county. Among the city's most iconic features are the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, rows of Victorian-style houses, and year-round fog. The city is shaped roughly like a square, and, despite the hilly terrain, its planners favored straight, grid-like streets to a fault — resulting in the precariously steep streets that made cable cars necessary.

If you're planning to move to San Francisco, you're sure to have some questions about life in the city — and we have answers. Keep reading to learn about what to expect in The Golden City.

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Geographic Location

This city is located in the southwest of the country and is bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean in its southern part and by the San Francisco Bay in the west. This means that it's the only connection to the American peninsula is through the south. It is characterized by being located in mountainous terrain that offers a wide variety of climates and landscapes and allows a very authentic lifestyle. San Francisco’s strategic location makes it very easy to look for compatible roommates through roommate finders. Essentially, roommate finders list verified tenants and landlords whom you can enter into safe rental agreements with.

Quality of Living

In the last decade, thanks to the establishment of the Silicon Valley in San Jose, south of the San Francisco Bay, this city has been the residence site of important highly qualified and specialized businessmen and professionals, which has contributed positively to the increase of its importance at the international level also in terms of human resources related especially to the world of new technologies. What’s more, you will find working professionals as your landlords who indulge in secure rental practices.

Alcatraz Prison

One place you must visit in San Francisco is this historic United States prison. You will discover an impressive building with a creepy history that will allow you to live a very peculiar experience. Knowing that Al Capone was there is already a reason to get closer, don't you think?

City Hall

The San Francisco City Hall is a wonderful building. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Hotel des Invalides in Paris and represents one of the most representative icons in the history of this city.

Golden Gate

The jewel in the crown of San Francisco. It is a great red bridge that we have all seen in movies, magazines, and photographs. It is possible to cross it on foot or by bicycle. It is a highly recommended tour that will allow you to see San Francisco from another perspective. Another very remarkable place to see is the Golden Gate Park (which is located near the bridge) and it is a very lively and crowded green area. There you will find museums and activities for all kinds of students and tourists.

Pier 39 located in the Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood. There, in addition to finding many attractions, you can visit the area where an immense community of sea lions lives. It is a very lively and crowded area, where you can hire different activities and boat tours. If you visit Pier 39, you will have the opportunity to try one of the most typical dishes of San Francisco: the crab.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks offer the best panoramic views of the city. If you want to see beautiful Californian city houses from about 280 meters high, make it to the top.

Lombard Street

It is one of the most popular steep and zigzagging streets in San Francisco. While you are ascending it you will be able to contemplate some interesting views of the city's neighborhood houses, but it is best to take a photograph from its base. Moreover, you will find many willing landlords and tenants who are open to sharing bedrooms in spacious co-living spaces.

Most Important Museums in San Francisco

Among the things to see in San Francisco are the Exploratorium museums, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Legion of Honor. We invite you to read our article about the most important museums you can visit in San Francisco. Remember that it is a city where art is very important, so it is almost essential to make at least one visit to one of its museums.

Dolores Mission

It is the first building to be built in San Francisco. It is a parish that was built by the Spanish missionaries in 1776 and that will allow you to know the historical roots of the city.

Grace Cathedral

Another thing you should know in San Francisco is this cathedral that is located on Nob Hill. Not only is it an extremely important building in this city, but it represents one of the most important cathedrals in the country.

SS Jeremiah O'Brien Ship

It is one of the ships responsible for the Normandy Landing, a historical piece that you must see in San Francisco. Do not miss the text in which we tell you about this visit here: war monuments.

USS Pampanito

The USS Pampanito Submarine that dates from World War II and has a very interesting history. It is certainly a recommended visit for all lovers of war history.

Mosaic Stairs

Tucked away in the Sunset District (16th Avenue) you will find this incredible staircase of colorful and original mosaics. These stairs are inspired by the Selarón in Rio de Janeiro, a brightly colored tile staircase very popular in Brazil. If you can find them and also go up to its 163 steps, you will have a great reward: panoramic views of the city in a beautiful garden inhabited by the Hairstreak butterfly.

Seward Street Slides

They are two parallel lanes of concrete slides that are hidden in a residential park. These fun urban slides date back to the 1960s and were designed by the area's teens themselves. The slides are surrounded by a small garden and a park, home to indigenous plants in the area and are open every day

The Organ of the Sea

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